Thursday August 30, 2018

Amazon may Make a Free, Ad-Supported Streaming Service for Fire TVs

Amazon may be making a free, ad-supported streaming service called Free Dive for Fire TVs. It may be similar to The Roku Channel and have licensed content from studios like Sony and Paramount. Also, this won't replace Prime Video and will simply be a supplement to that service. How well this goes over is anyone's guess because folks cut the cord to avoid commercials, but this service at least has the right price. It wouldn't surprise me if this happens and as a result Amazon starts selling a few more Fire TVs. I'll give it a shot just to see if the commercial content is bearable.

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As Amazon dives deeper into the entertainment space (and as competition from Roku, Apple, Walmart, and the like increases), the online giant wants to stake its claim in video advertising so it can bring in as much money as possible from all of its various services.