Friday August 24, 2018

OpenBSD Co-Founder Drops Hyper-Threading Support to Mitigate Foreshadow Attacks

Theo de Raadt, an OpenBSD co-founder has officially announced that the open-source operating system will not utilize Hyper-threading for Intel processors. He complains that Intel isn't telling them about upcoming discovered threats and the steps that an OS developer needs to take to mitigate against TLBleed and T1TF; otherwise known as "Foreshadow." He has dropped support for older versions of OpenBSD and asks users to upgrade to version 6.4 as he doesn't have the manpower to backport the changes.

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DISABLE HYPERTHREADING ON ALL YOUR INTEL MACHINES IN THE BIOS. Also, update your BIOS firmware, if you can. OpenBSD -current (and therefore 6.4) will not use hyperthreading if it is enabled, and will update the cpu microcode if possible. I'm going to spend my money at a more trustworthy vendor in the future.