Thursday August 23, 2018

Steam Link App Update Adds On-Screen Touch Controls for Mobile Devices

The Steam Link app has gotten a new Beta update and it adds on-screen touch controls to the app. This means that you no longer need to use a controller with your Steam Link to play games on devices such as mobile phones. It even taps into the phone's gyro and vibration features to allow for a plethora of options in controlling your games including per game control customization.

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The heart of the editing mode is the tray, which will pop up when you pick 'Layout Controls' from the [ ... ] button. From here, you can drag controls out of the tray to place them, select 'Edit Layout' to move/scale/remove existing controls, 'Cancel' to clear all changes since you last saved, or 'Done' to save your changes. To place a control, simply touch it and begin dragging it. The tray will close, and you can place the control where you want. If you grab the button diamond or the Select/Steam/Start buttons, they will come together as a group for quick placement.