Friday August 17, 2018

Intel Teases New Graphics Card Entry

By now everyone around here has heard that Intel wants to join the GPU marketplace with AMD and NVIDIA, but they've been rather coy about when we can expect some kind of product to hit the market. I guess we can put that to bed now because their new Twitter account @IntelGraphics has a teaser video where they talk about the new product coming in 2020. No specs or anything else, but now we know when to expect them to join the party. I wish you luck Intel because we need some more competition.

News Image

This means that in as little as 16 month's time, we could have a graphics card market that has three players instead of two and as Intel reminds us in the video, it's no newcomer to graphics technology. It has integrated graphics processors on many of its current desktop CPUs, it was the first to offer a DirectX 12 compatible graphics processor as well as one that's compatible with 4K Netflix.