Sunday August 12, 2018

Intel’s "Ruler" SSD Stores 32 Terabytes

Intel showcased their newest solid state drive this week, a 12-inch ruler that can store 32 terabytes of data. While the form factor is amusing enough at an aesthetic level, Intel points out how these can really change datacenters, as they require far less power and lack the need for fans or expensive cooling systems. They also represent the company’s densest drive ever.

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In data centers, the no-moving-parts ruler-shaped SSDs can be lined up 32 side-by-side, to hold up to a petabyte in a single server slot. Compared with a traditional SSD, the "ruler" requires half the airflow to keep cool. And compared with hard disk storage, the new QLC 3D NAND SSD sips one-tenth the power (when it is part of a 1PB solution) and requires just one-twentieth the space.