Sunday August 12, 2018

IGN Editor Fired for Plagiarizing YouTuber’s Dead Cells Review

IGN fired editor Filip Miucin this week after YouTube channel Boomstick Gaming caught wind of his not-so-original review for 2D-platformer Dead Cells and published a video proving how it was remarkably similar to their own. Although Miucin has taken "complete ownership" over what happened, he still hasn’t apologized to Boomstick Gaming yet.

The person who runs the channel was understandably upset over numerous similarities between both reviews, despite considering it "kind of flattering" that a lot had been copied from his script. On Twitter, he confronted Filip Miucin, IGN's reviewer for Dead Cells, noting that he wished he'd been offered some compensation for the healthy amount of views the popular website had presumably raked in from the allegedly copied review.