Sunday August 12, 2018

Griefing in Fallout 76 Turns You into a Wanted Criminal with a Bounty on Your Head

Todd Howard revealed numerous details regarding Fallout 76 during yesterday’s QuakeCon 2018 panel, and an interesting one involves griefers: online trolls who regularly attack other players will get nothing (e.g., caps, XP) for killing and be labelled a wanted murderer by the game. According to Howard, it was an attempt to "turn the assholes into interesting content." Comic Book and Kotaku have rounded up some other tidbits, which include the new perk system, private servers, and mods.

Wanted murderers appear on everyone else's map as a red star, so everyone else playing knows their rough location, and they have a bounty on their own head which comes out of their own stash of caps. What's more, the wanted murderers can't see where the other players are on the map. It becomes a hunt. Neat, huh?