Sunday August 12, 2018

Florida Inmates Spent $11.3 Million on MP3s. Now Prisons Are Taking the Players.

Florida inmates have enjoyed the privilege of owning an MP3 player for the last few years, as evidenced by the $11.3 million worth of music (6.7 million songs) purchased thus far. Unfortunately, the Department of Corrections has decided to switch from Access Corrections’ players to JPay’s tablets, which will not allow transfers from the former’s devices. Inmates will have to build their music libraries all over again.

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The resulting download spree will funnel more dollars back to the Department of Corrections, which gleans $2.75 from each inmate money transfer onto the JPay-controlled bank accounts used to purchase the services. The department has already been bringing in record commissions from JPay money transfers, even before the introduction of the tablets.