Sunday August 12, 2018

Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth "Star Trek 4" Future in Doubt as Talks Fall Through

Superstars Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth are expected to walk away from Star Trek 4 due to a breakdown in salary negotiations: while both have been paid handsomely for their roles in superhero films, Paramount Pictures and Skydance Media attempted to move away from existing deals, arguing that Star Trek is not that kind of blockbuster.

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The 2009 reboot that kicked off this run of movies, titled simply Star Trek, made $386 million while 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness, is the top earner of any Trek movie, with $467 million. Meanwhile, Marvel, DC, or Star Wars movies regularly gross north of $700 million if not hitting $1 billion. Not for lack of trying, the Trek movies seem to have a ceiling, especially globally.