Friday August 10, 2018

Swastikas Will No Longer Automatically be Banned in German Video Games

Since the end of WW II displays of Nazi symbols have been banned. This ban also included use of these symbols in video games and as a result developers had to release censored video games. However, it looks like the practice may be ending because the German national ratings agency announced changes in how they will rate games and how they will determine whether Nazi symbols can be used or not. Games will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and the symbols will probably remain if used as a representation of history. I'm sure lots of developers are going to welcome this news. In case you've been under a rock and didn't know about this you can watch this video that shows how Wolfenstein II was censored.

"Computer and video games have been recognised as a cultural medium for many years now, and this latest decision consistently cements that recognition in terms of the use of unconstitutional symbols as well," says Felix Falk, the managing director of BIU, the German Games Industry Association.