Friday August 10, 2018

Scientists Now Know Why Blue Light From Computer Screens Contribute to Blindness

Scientists have long known blue light from device screens contribute to blindness. Now they know why this is happening. Researchers at the University of Toledo have published a study that shows how blue light creates a poisonous chemical in the eye when it is shined on retinal in the eye. This is even more damaging at night when looking at screens. Further, they have also discovered that alpha tocopherol can prevent cell death caused by blue light and retinal. If their research proves out it may result in eye drops that can help to slow macular degeneration. Until that day comes try to avoid looking at your screens at night and wear blue light filtering glasses. That's what I do.

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When it comes to our eyesight, the various colors of light our eyes are subjected to are far from equal. Blue rays of light, which have shorter wavelengths and more energy than other colors, can damage our eyes over time – they contribute to macular degeneration, the primary cause of blindness.