Friday August 10, 2018

Facebook Raises Security Requirements for High Traffic Pages to Promote Transparency

Facebook has implemented a new verification policy for high profile Pages that reach large audiences of people. Pages are typically created for businesses, communities, or public figures as a way for them to promote their brand, thoughts, or political affiliation. Due to the recent uptick in election meddling and hidden advertisements disguised as articles or personal use; Facebook has decided to crackdown on this illicit activity. Page owners will now have to turn on two-factor authentication and confirm their location or turn on Location Services on their mobile device.

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Last October, we announced that only authorized advertisers will be able to run electoral ads on Facebook or Instagram. And today, we're extending that requirement to anyone that wants to show "issue ads" -- like political topics that are being debated across the country. We are working with third parties to develop a list of key issues, which we will refine over time. To get authorized by Facebook, advertisers will need to confirm their identity and location. Advertisers will be prohibited from running political ads -- electoral or issue-based -- until they are authorized.