Friday August 10, 2018

Apple Hints at Plan to Build a Car After All as it Rehires Ex-Tesla Engineering Head

The folks over at Tech Crunch believe Apple may be reviving its Titan car project. They base this speculation on the fact that Apple just hired Doug Field who used to oversee production of the Model 3 for Tesla. Additionally, he will be working with Bob Mansfield who heads the Titan car project as well as Jaime Waydo from Waymo's self-driving outfit. If you add all of this up it does appear that Apple may indeed bring their own auto to the market. Only time will tell and we'll have to keep an eye on this development.

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While the project remains pretty opaque and tough to gauge, the hiring of the man who oversaw Tesla production — right after Apple poached a Waymo self-driving engineer - is a pretty interesting clue that suggests Apple might be reviving plans to develop a car once again.