Thursday August 09, 2018

The Path of Exile Delve Trailer Depicts an Underground Labyrinth of Fear and Torment

Grinding Gear Games has released their newest trailer depicting the new Delve expansion for the game Path of Exile. A creaky iron crawler provides the single source of light in the cold, pitch black, and ominous caves as your adventurer delves into the darkness looking for long forgotten treasures. A gigantic labyrinth of these caves form the Azurite Mine that will steal your soul if you venture away from the light for too long. Fight as you can to suppress your greedy desires for fame, wealth and upgrades as the whispering chasm seeks to undermine and overwhelm you. Download Path of Exile today on Steam and play for free. Thanks @Aix. and @horrorshow .

The Azurite Mine is Path of Exile's first infinite dungeon. The deeper you delve, the harder the game gets. In Delve, you'll find encounters that are much harder than end-game Maps. Your progress is only limited by the power of your character build. The Depth Ladder tracks who has delved the deepest into the mine. Path of Exile: Delve will launch on August 31st (PDT) on PC and September 3rd on Xbox One.