Thursday August 09, 2018

NASA Signs Off on SpaceX’s "Load-And-Go" Procedure for Crew Launches

NASA has signed off on the load-and-go procedure for crew launches that SpaceX uses with their Falcon 9 rocket to get more fuel onboard and increase rocket thrust. This is an important step in gaining final approval for the Dragon capsule and Falcon 9 rocket configuration. In the event there is a mishap while fueling the rocket the Dragon capsule will ignite it's escape engines to lift-off from the booster. Tests of the crew capsule should begin later this year.

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SpaceX first space-worthy Crew Dragon vehicle, slated to fly the unpiloted Demo-1 mission in November, arrived at Cape Canaveral last month for final launch preps. The Falcon 9 launch vehicle, the first to incorporate the redesigned helium COPVs, is scheduled to depart SpaceX’s factory in Hawthorne, California, for stage testing at the company’s Central Texas test site this month, Lueders said.