Thursday August 09, 2018

Here Comes Big Cable to Slay Another Rule That Helps Small ISPs Compete

Big Cable is lobbying to kill off a rule that helps small ISPs compete. The rule in question requires the telecom companies to allow competitors to resell their internet access at a government set rate. They don't like this. Economist William Zarakas uses figures from the telecoms to build his case that this brings much needed competition to the market. The study also found that small competitors that don't have installed equipment in the market are providing faster access than their Big Cable competitors and at very good prices. I know I can vouch for that because my electric provider installed fiber out here in rural Texas and I'm getting a great deal for 1Gbps up and down with no data caps. Hey, Big Cable companies, suck it up and compete. Read the report here. Thanks Lifelite!

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Amazingly, the competition is doing more than the actual companies that already have their equipment in the exchanges. Why? Because they know that people want faster internet access, and they are trying, despite being at a disadvantage, to offer that to the market.