Thursday August 09, 2018

Discord Officially Launches a Digital Storefront for Online Video Game Sales

Discord has been growing at a tremendous rate as over 150 million gamers have signed up for the service. Compare this to Steam which boasts a user base of 125 million and suddenly you realize just how much clout and power Discord has with the gamer audience. Finally Discord has decided to monetize that audience and on Thursday they launched a digital storefront for online video game sales. The store has only been rolled out to 50,000 Canadians as a beta, but it is destined to come to other parts of the world as it is tweaked according to user feedback. The store will feature 90 day exclusives, free games, and full retail games.

Even with the launch of the store, Discord seems very aware of the importance of its chat service and becoming a one-stop-shop for gaming. Thursday's addition of a universal library tab on the Discord home screen is a big sign of that. If users elect to, Discord can scan their computer for games and then make it possible to launch any of them through Discord, even if they require another launch. To do that, Discord will simply boot the other launcher and game. The company takes 30 percent of sales from games that end up in the store, matching what Valve's massive online game store Steam takes from developers.