Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Wednesday August 08, 2018

Magic Leap One Is Available to Creators Starting at $2,295

Creators can order their very own Magic Leap One starting at only $2,295. After ordering, a person will set the device up for you. I would assume that a person intelligent to write software for the device can set it up themselves. The device specifications are listed here and CNET was allowed to test the device.

There's just one thing: Regular folks like us aren't the intended audience. At least not yet. This "Creator Edition," says Abovitz, is part of a "controlled market release" in just a handful of cities in the United States for the developers and creative types Magic Leap will woo this year and next. The goal: for those makers to dream up the experiences (aka content) that's needed to convince us to become Leapers.