Tuesday August 07, 2018

Winning the Race to Nationwide 5G Connectivity Matters in the Long Run

China and the USA have staked their bets on who is going to be more technologically advanced society in the future. China created their "Made in China 2025" initiative where they seek to upgrade Chinese industry and challenge American industry and their technological leadership. Deloittie Consulting has released a report on 5G that explains why it is so important for a country to be first to expose their citizens to new technology such as 5G.

It is speculated that an increased macroeconomic impact will be felt for those that early adopt 5G technology as it will create a "data-network effect"; which creates exclusive new markets within the early adopter country and thus leadership within that market. America has heard the alarm bells and are now rolling out coverage for the new wireless network in some cities, but industry leaders caution that we need more than 25X the current number of 5G cell towers in operation for proper 5G connectivity. Also China has already spent $24 billion on infrastructure since 2015. Thanks @Scojer for the news.

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But beyond consumer applications, the tech could support connected infrastructure in cities, including driverless cars. In 2035, 5G is expected to enable $12.3 trillion of global economic output, IHS Markit estimated in a recent report. China has built 350,000 new cell sites, while the U.S. has built fewer than 30,000 in the same time-frame. "China and other countries may be creating a 5G tsunami, making it near impossible to catch up," Deloitte said in its report.