Tuesday August 07, 2018

Researchers Are Studying VR Controlled Robotic Arms Assisting Humans

Researchers at the Keio University Graduate School of Media Design in Tokyo have designed a set of robotic arms, worn as a backpack, that allow a second person to control them remotely through VR. The person wearing the backpack can be provided assistance with tasks by the robotic arms controlled by the VR operator. Some possible uses for the invention are physical therapy, ER technicians that could get assistance with situations unfamiliar to them, and astronauts. Warning video starts off silent.

Besides hugging and high-fiving, the operator of the robotic arms and hands can pick things up or move around the arms and hands of the human wearing the backpack. The mechanical hands can be removed and replaced with straps that go around the backpack-wearer's wrists if you want to truly remote control their arms.