Tuesday August 07, 2018

FCC Mistakes Angry Americans for Hacker DDoS Attack

The FCC has maintained a theory that the agency's Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS) was the victim of a hacker's DDoS attack during the Net Neutrality debate. Angry Americans seeking to have their voices heard on the issue of Net Neutrality, flooded the FCC's ECFS website with requests to comment on the volatile subject, but couldn't get through. Now we learn that it wasn't a DDoS attack at all. The government's computer system simply couldn't handle the amount of Americans seeking to be heard and crumbled. You can read Ajit Pai's statement here and Jessica Rosenworcel's statement here.

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Because it wasn't a hack, it seems that the comment-filing system, though recently revamped, needs yet another fresh coat of paint to handle the kind of volume it saw during the net neutrality repeal. Plans for that are underway, Pai wrote. The GAO investigation regarding fraud in the comment system will no doubt affect those plans.