Friday August 03, 2018

Ninja Becomes the First Twitch Streamer to Reach 10 Million Followers

I guess I'm old school, but I'm just amazed at the audience some of these Twitch streamers have accumulated. The latest big number is 10M for streamer Ninja. He announced this milestone yesterday on Twitter. Are you guys contributing to his numbers? I don't watch streams but I like going to YouTube and watching game strategy videos. I just can't sit down and watch streamers because my ADHD kicks in and I stray to something else. Anyway, congrats to Ninja for his big milestone. I wonder what kind of dollar figures he's bringing in from all of those followers?

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Ninja has become the first Twitch streamer to reach 10 million followers (10,004,423 at the time of this article, to be precise). This news of Ninja's milestone accomplishment is reported to us by Ninja, who is in a prime position to know.