Wednesday August 01, 2018

Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine!

We finally know, well innocent until proven guilty kind of know, who the greaseballs are behind some of the major hacks that we have been talking about for the last few years. These Ukrainian hackers are getting nailed for crimes involving more than 100 U.S. companies. The authorities caught up with three of them in the EU. One is already in U.S. custody and the Justice Department is working on extraditing the other two. Dasvidaniya!

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Three Ukrainians associated with the hacking group FIN7 have been arrested in Europe in connection with hacks of more than 100 U.S. companies that led to tens of millions of dollars in losses, according to U.S. officials and court documents.

The suspects, Fedir Hladyr, Dmytro Fedorov and Andrii Kolpakov, were arrested in Europe between January and June of this year, the Justice Department said on Wednesday. Hladyr is in U.S. custody and U.S. authorities are seeking extradition of the other two, the department said.