Wednesday August 01, 2018

Parents Hire Fornite Coaches to Boost Their Kids Into Competitive ESports

Parents have always been competitive with their progeny since the beginning of time. They hire coaches from all types of sports disciplines such as soccer, tennis, track, piano, basketball, etc in a bid to make their kid better than the other neighborhood kids or to help them become professionals. Now with the rise of eSports, parents have resorted to hiring video game coaches with Fortnite being a hot ticket at $35 per hour to train. With individual tournaments paying over a $130,000 and boasting of an overall $8 million prize pool; who can blame them for wanting their kid to have a better chance at winning?

Considering popular Fortnite streamer Ninja makes a huge sum of money playing the battle royale game, it makes sense parents would support their children who want to grow up to be professional gamers. Some would even argue that it’s not much different from parents helping their children become professional athletes.