Thursday July 19, 2018

Robocall Firm Exposes Hundreds of Thousands of US Voters' Records

It seems like every week I'm posting about another data breach or hack and this week is no exception. RoboCent, a political robocall firm, left exposed an AWS bucket that had voter records for hundreds of thousands of US voters. The data exposed included names, addresses, phone numbers, age and birth year, political affiliation and more. I continue to post this kind of news because it's important for people to know just how poorly some companies handle our private data. When are people going to go to jail for this?

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Diachenko says he notified the company about their exposed database, and they secured it shortly after his report.

"We're a small shop (I'm the only developer) so keeping track of everything can be tough," a RoboCent employee told Diachenko.