Thursday July 19, 2018

Long Range Nissan Leaf E-Plus Coming in 2019, Will Have 200 HP

Nissan's director of EV Marketing and Sales Strategy says the 2019 Leaf will be called the E-Plus and will feature a larger battery and more power. This means the new Leaf will have a range of over 200 miles and will sport up to 200 HP. Nissan won't commit to a sales date, but it's most likely late this year or early next year. In my opinion this vehicle will attract more customers than it has in the past due to the increased range and sportier power train. Also, I'm hopeful that this kind of competition drives more EV innovation and reduces the cost of entry for a nice EV.

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Maragno said the larger battery Leaf will receive the ‘E-Plus’ badge and will get a boost in power over the 40 kWh version. The 40 kWh Leaf is rated at 142 hp, but the long-range model will have 200 hp on tap. Maragno said the larger battery simply made it possible to have more power, as the more robust motor would drain the smaller battery at a quicker rate. If you can give it more power, you might as well, right?