Wednesday July 18, 2018

Remedy Entertainment Ditches Microsoft for Control Game Release

Remedy Entertainment has announced that they have lost their bid to continue work on the Alan Wake and Quantum Break franchises. After going to great lengths to make sure that the writing in the games was done in a way to allow for sequels, Microsoft which owns the exclusive rights to the franchises, has decided to shelve the titles due to lackluster sales. This has opened the Finnish developer's eyes and now they seek a greater level of control over their aptly named upcoming title, "Control" by teaming with 505 Games. This unorthodox game world is set to feature a compelling story which is a trademark of Remedy games.

Virtala says it "represents a new step for Remedy", pointing to the firm's previously announced strategy to branch into shorter games and multiple projects, of which this is the first. He also stresses that there's more of a focus on gameplay this time around. In addition to faster-paced combat and wider, more open levels, Control also veers towards a Metroidvania-esque structure where players will revisit areas to uncover new secrets.