Tuesday July 17, 2018

Cosmetics Company Silences Critics on Social Media and Receive F Grade from BBB

Instead of pampering their customers by shipping product out in a timely manner, online retailer Tooth & Nail Cosmetics out of New Bern, N.C. has allegedly resorted to silencing irate customers on social media according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). A bevy of complaints have been registered with the agency over the past year ranging from not responding to email requests, damaged products, 3 month late shipping and completely blocking customers who inquire about the status of their orders on social media. When the BBB requests for followups to the complaints were also blocked by the company, the BBB struck back with a F grade.

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Based on BBB files, Tooth and Nail Cosmetics has a pattern of complaints concerning a lack of response to consumer's request for assistance, consumers are not receiving their product and not receiving refunds. On 3/26/2018 the company was invited to meet with the BBB to discuss ways to correct the underlying cause of the complaints. The company has failed to respond to our request.