Sunday July 15, 2018

DOA6 Features Smaller Boobs So the Women "Appear More Human," Says Director

In an interview with Gamespot, Dead or Alive 6 Director Yohei Shimbori revealed why the game’s female characters won’t be oversexed: "The boobs are smaller as opposed to before because we wanted the girls to appear more human. We don't want to reshape them smaller or larger just on a whim." Old-school fans, including well-endowed women, are calling this a clear case of body shaming.

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Kasumi's outfit has also undergone considerable changes. She's abandoned her loose-fitting kunoichi for an armored bodysuit. Though not as noticeable a transformation, Helena is also rocking a new, more combat-ready outfit. "They'll be back," Shimbori said, when asked if the fighters' original outfits would make a reappearance in the game. He and his team want to make strides towards removing sexual fanservice from Dead or Alive.