Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Friday July 13, 2018

Tesla Drops $35,000 Price From Model 3 Page

As of today you will no longer find the $35,000 price listed for the Model 3. Ars Technica contacted Tesla about this change and all they could get out of Tesla is they plan to offer one for that price in the future. That future time frame wasn't provided. I think most of us that have followed the Model 3 debacle know why they removed the price and that's because they can't build them in great enough numbers yet. I believe they're going to make the more expensive models for a while so they can make a profit and dig the company out of the debt hole that it's in. Once that occurs we might see $35,000 Model 3's for sale.

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Tesla reached a "5k/wk" production rate for the Model 3 at the end of June, so that would have implied that $35,000 Model 3's would become available some time in the fourth quarter of 2018. But the new "6-9 month" guidance for the standard battery version of the Model 3 suggests that it will now be early 2019 at the earliest before anyone can buy the low-end model.