Friday July 13, 2018

Sources Say Jeff Bezos Plans to Charge at Least $200,000 for Space Rides

Reuters is reporting that sources within Blue Origin told them tickets for suborbital flights will cost at least $200,000 each. The New Sheppard capsule will carry 6 passengers and travel to an altitude of more than 62 miles for this low ticket price. However, Blue Origin won't say how much it costs them for each flight, but one analyst believes the number is $10M per flight. This means Blue Origin is losing millions per flight. Also, sources claim the first passengers are going to be company employees and they haven't been selected yet. Mandatory guinea pigs anyone? Good luck!

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Blue Origin has completed eight test flights of the vertical take-off and landing New Shepard from its launch pad in Texas, but none with passengers aboard. Two flights have included a test dummy the company calls "Mannequin Skywalker."