Friday July 13, 2018

GENKI: Bluetooth Audio for the Nintendo Switch

The GENKI: Bluetooth Audio adapter for the Nintendo Switch by Human Things features an USB-C connector and is compatible with Bluetooth 5. According to the Kickstarter page, this allows users of the Nintendo Switch to use up to two pairs of Bluetooth headphones with the console at the same time. When only using one set of headphones, the GENKI device only exhibits 40 ms of latency to keep your gaming audio perfectly synced with the console. It only draws 0.02 watts of system power and doesn't use batteries. The Kickstarter has exceeded the requested funding, but remember that there is always a chance that the development of the device will fail and there are no guaranteed refunds.

GENKI follows the Nintendo’s USB audio protocol and therefore receives power directly from your Nintendo Switch. But don’t worry, it only draws 0.02 Watts. To get an idea that’s like 1% of your Nintendo Switch’s battery, which is less power than if you had used the built-in speakers. This means you don’t ever have to charge GENKI. And because a battery isn’t needed, there is absolutely no risk of bricking or damaging your console like third party docks.