Friday July 13, 2018

Facial Recognition Technology Needs Government Regulation According to Microsoft

A Microsoft blog called out elected governmental officials to draft laws that would regulate the usage of facial recognition technology. They stressed the need for the development of norms based on acceptable uses. Microsoft gave examples such as government tracking of citizens over the course of months, stores tracking shoppers every visit to see which shelf they visited without notifying them of the surveillance and more. Also the technology exhibits bias in certain body features so it could create a society where certain groups are targeted because they are simply easier to track. Lastly Microsoft doesn't feel tech companies should be the ones making the rules as some have suggested.

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Even if biases are addressed and facial recognition systems operate in a manner deemed fair for all people, we will still face challenges with potential failures. Facial recognition, like many AI technologies, typically have some rate of error even when they operate in an unbiased way. And the issues relating to facial recognition go well beyond questions of bias themselves, raising critical questions about our fundamental freedoms.

Perhaps as much as any advance, facial recognition raises a critical question: what role do we want this type of technology to play in everyday society?