Wednesday July 11, 2018

SteamVR Beta Supports 16 Base Stations and More VR News

SteamVR Beta now supports up to 16 base stations that allows users to cover multiple rooms. In this Twitter post by the China President of HTC Vive, Alvin Graylin, he shows an associate opening doors and entering multiple rooms while being fully tracked by the HTC Vive VR headset. He touts the cost saving of the technology and I must admit that I was impressed! You can read the Valve announcement here.

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Looks like there’s a little #surprise in the new #SteamVR Beta! Our lab here just linked upto 16 #basestations 2.0 together to cover multiple rooms into a single virtual tracked space w/ the #VivePro! Large space #VR setup costs are about to drop exponentially!ًں‘چًںک® Thanks Valve!

Samsung is working on anti SDE AMOLED display technology for better VR. This technology would help overcome the Screen Door Effect (SDE) that creates the visible grid lines that plague the current VR HMD technology from HTC and Oculus.

Finally Sony London’s lead game designer Michael Hampden discussed the possibility of new genres of games exclusive to VR emerging in the future. He talks about haptic feedback entering the VR space soon and the possibility of holodecks. He also touches on the importance of brick and mortar stores.