Wednesday July 11, 2018

Race Modified Tesla Model S P100D Cars Will Star in New Racing Series

Track modified Tesla Model S P100D cars are set to star in the Electric Production Car Series. These cars will have 780 horsepower and are virtually silent. Former Formula 1 race driver Tiff Needell was able to take one out onto the track and experience firsthand how the car handles and accelerates. According to him the car started to lose power when the batteries overheated on the hot 86 F day, but a spokesperson for Electric GT stated that one of the sensors that diverts the A/C to the batteries for cooling purposes malfunctioned. I found it surreal watching a race car fly around a track in near total silence.

Considering the limitations on the Model S P100D race car, the Electric GT spokesperson noted that the vehicle would be able to run the race distances — but with some strings attached. Instead of taking advantage of the race car’s 778 hp all the time, the vehicles would be running at a more manageable 470 hp. The spokesperson further noted that drivers would have full control to decide when to use their P100D race car’s full power, such as when overtaking or dashing to the finish line. This, at least for the inaugural season, would be "part of the strategy and part of the show."