Wednesday July 11, 2018

Magic Leap Shows its AR Prowess Off...Finally...Maybe

The elusive and many times demo-faking Magic Leap is up for a live stream today on Twitch at 1pm CDT. All that said, we can all watch for ourselves and see if this thing is worth the $2B in investor money when it comes to revolutionizing the world of Augmented Reality as it has been promising for a while now.

A Closer Look at Magic Leap One - Wednesday, July 11 at 2pm ET - Alan Noon will be joined by Alan Kimball from our developer tools team to give a deeper dive into Magic Leap One. Then, Colman Bryant from our Interaction Lab will give us a demo of an upcoming sample we call "Dodge."

Given how Magic Leap has "dodged" transparency over the years, I am not sure I would have gone with that name. All said, we will surely be watching.