Tuesday July 10, 2018

Youtube Making Sure You Youtube Correctly

Youtube is telling us that it is aiming to crack down on fake news by supporting journalism. While Youtube's statements here, certainly make sense when you are talking about "real" fake news, you have to wonder what exactly will not fall under its new "authoritative" news source banner. How they are going to go about this with text previews will be very interesting to see assuredly. As long as Snopes is used as a source, we will all be OK.

News Image

At such times, YouTube will begin showing users short text previews of news stories in video search results, as well as warnings that the stories can change. The goal is to counter the fake videos that can proliferate immediately after shootings, natural disasters and other major happenings. For example, YouTube search results prominently showed videos purporting to "prove" that mass shootings like the one that killed at least 59 in Las Vegas were fake, acted out by "crisis actors."