Tuesday July 10, 2018

Samsung Starts Mass Production of 5th Generation V-NAND

Samsung has started the mass production of the 5th generation of V-NAND technology and is boasting of being the first to use the 'Toggle DDR 4.0' interface. The performance boost from the technology should allow Samsung’s new 256-gigabit (Gb) V-NAND to reach 1.4-gigabits per second (Gbps), a 40-percent increase from its 64-layer predecessor. The new V-NAND also boasts of a 30% improvement in write speed. Expect to see new product releases in the supercomputing, enterprise server, and mobile sectors in the coming months.

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The energy efficiency of Samsung’s new V-NAND remains comparable to that of the 64-layer chip, primarily because the operating voltage has been reduced from 1.8 volts to 1.2 volts. The new V-NAND also has the fastest data write speed to date at 500-microseconds (ms), which represents about a 30-percent improvement over the write speed of the previous generation, while the response time to read-signals has been significantly reduced to 50ms.