Monday June 25, 2018

The Ryzen V1000 is Perfect for Gaming

We talked a bit about the UDOO BOLT using the AMD V1000 embedded processor last month. When I saw this "V1000 Provides A Complete Gaming Unit" alert pop up, I got a bit excited. "Gaming Unit" however refers to the V1000 being used in gaming machines, as in slot machines and other casino games. I did blow up the video full screen and see that Heaven was running at 26fps at an undisclosed resolution and quality setting. No, V1000 is not for us "gamers." but for other gamers. The Advantech DPX-E140 is still pretty cool to see in action and considering it ran run four 4K displays we will likely see tech like this wind up in a lot of places. There is a closeup shot of the board that shows off the four DisplayPort outputs in the video along with six USB and two NICs.

The DPX-E140 is a completely integrated system for gaming applications. Based on the new AMD Ryzen Embedded V-Series platform, the DPX-E140 provides a complete PC platform with a passive cooling system for APU up to 25W and a fan cooler to support the highest APUs at 54W. The system uses AMD’s latest high performance dual and quad core SOC devices with "Discrete-level Graphics" from the integrated Radeon VEGA series graphics cores. Four independent monitors are supported via DisplayPort 1.4 DP ports. A full feature set of I/O and COMs designed specifically for gaming devices is also included making the DPX-E140 an ideal integrated platform for gaming, amusement and kiosk applications.