Monday June 25, 2018

OpenAI 5 for DOTA 2

A team of researchers at OpenAI, have turned loose its own A Team, that they refer to as the OpenAI Five. Using AI in games is nothing new, but where this AI has a new wrinkle is that it is learning to work with other AI teammates as well as human players. They say it is already defeating amateur DOTA 2 players in testing, which of course tells me it is still getting its collective AI asses kicked by professional human players. OpenAI showed its 1v1 capabilities last year.

"What we’ve seen implies that coordination and collaboration can emerge very naturally out of the incentives," says Greg Brockman, one of the founders of OpenAI, which aims to develop artificial intelligence openly and in a way that benefits humanity. He adds that the team has tried substituting a human player for one of the algorithms and found this to work very well. "He described himself as feeling very well supported," Brockman says.