Monday June 25, 2018

NVIDIA Looks to Gag Journalists with Multi-Year Blanket NDAs

First and foremost, I should tell you that NDAs in the tech world are nothing new, but those non-disclosure agreements usually are product-specific and date-specific. Say we agree to get a review sample of video card X. Many times we will get an NDA that is specific to releasing any information shared by card X's representative and a date when we can share that information with you, often referred to as the "embargo date." The German website Heise is telling us that NVIDIA's new NDA is much more far reaching than product-specific information, and stretches out 5 years. Recently we discussed EK's NDA, which we would not agree to, reaching out for 10 years and having financial penalties attached to it as well. You can read the EK NDA here. You can read the NVIDIA NDA shared below and make up your own mind.

That all said, NVIDIA has not contacted HardOCP about any upcoming information, which we believe to be in direct retaliation for discussing GPP with the world. NVIDIA did tell us before publication of the GPP information, that doing so "could damage the relationship" between HardOCP and NVIDIA. Thanks to @Armenius for the heads up.

News Image

Attack on the journalistic work - The NDA should apply to all information provided by Nvidia, so it did not refer to a specific product or information. There was also no concrete expiration date. It was also full of conditions that ran counter to journalistic principles. Our legal department clapped their hands over their heads as they read the document.

In other words, journalists are allowed to write only what fits Nvidia in the junk. In doing so, Nvidia downgrades the independent press into a marketing tool.

This NDA has been confirmed as very real and out with other tech sites.