Sunday June 24, 2018

Qualcomm Snapdragon 1000 Rumored to Be Specifically Built for PCs

Qualcomm is expected to continue their push into the PC market with the Snapdragon 1000. Its predecessor, the Snapdragon 850, was merely a higher-clocked smartphone chip, but the 1000 will supposedly target PCs and more powerful devices. Sources say it will provide a 35% speed increase, while supporting up to 16GB of RAM and two 128GB storage modules.

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New details on the chip were obtained by Germany’s WinFuture, including that it will be able to match the performance of Intel’s Core processors. Specifically, the SDM1000 system-on-a-chip is said to be a much larger 20mm x 15mm, and use 12W of power, significantly more than a smartphone processor.