Wednesday June 20, 2018

The EU Hates Memes

The EU Legal Affairs Committee has voted to push further its tougher copyright laws in order to get a hold of companies like Google, Facebook, and MySpace. OK, maybe not MySpace. The big clenchers here are Article 11 and Article "We hate political memes" 13. Article 11 could hold companies responsible for allowing copyrighted content on their services, such as when Facebook allows 6M people to watch a pirated copy of Deadpool. Article 13 is the EU's way of dealing with all those nasty memes that are destroying the world. All in all, the EU is putting the responsibility on the companies that own these platform, but rest assured the new filtering that we will soon see will not be used in any type of political slant.

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German lawmaker Julia Reda, part of the Greens group in the parliament, opposed the EU proposal and said the measures would break the internet. "People will run into trouble doing everyday things like discussing the news and expressing themselves online. Locking down our freedom to participate to serve the special interests of large media companies is unacceptable," she said in a statement.