Friday June 15, 2018

Folding Andromeda Device Could be Microsoft’s iPhone Moment

Microsoft has been rumored to have a folding phone in the works for some time and the latest patent of the device shows how it could be used and what it would display. It looks like a small hinged tablet and has displays on both sections. The keyboard appears to be a GUI and can disappear when not needed. Although it looks neat I'm not sure whether this is something I'd necessarily be interested in, but those that do a lot of surfing/reading might like the portability of the device. Of course there isn't a shipping product yet, but this might be a product that could put a dent in Apple's sales.

News Image

With two displays, it’s something of a spiritual successor to the canceled Microsoft Courier device. But it has more in common with modern smartphones than Courier-era tablets. This way, Microsoft is positioning itself to compete with the Apple iPhone and Google Pixel more than the iPad or PixelBook.