Thursday June 14, 2018

eSports Moving into the High School Arena

eSports is becoming a real thing as it is drawing more and more eyes to it and creating advertising opportunities to a demographic that many companies have a hard time reaching. That money is now leeching down to the high school and collegiate level. And that is compelling a lot of schools to get involved. I know there has been talk of this in North Texas for a year or so now, but we have seen none of it come to fruition in terms of actual structure and infrastructure being applied. Thanks to Brian W. for the linkage!

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Now, Mullenioux and the company he co-founded, HSEL—the High School Esports League—are at the forefront of a growing movement to bring esports teams into the high school sports arena. HSEL alone has 850 partnered schools and boasts more than 16,000 users. It's added 1,000 players a week for the past four weeks. And this fall, another company, PlayVS, will launch varsity-level esports leagues in at least 18 states through a partnership with the National Federation of High School Associations (NFHS).