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Today's Hard|Forum Post

Thursday June 14, 2018

China to go Full Dystopia With Mandatory Vehicle RFID Chips in 2019

China insists on living up to 1984 and their latest regulation is for RFID chips to be in every new car (WARNING auto play video) starting in 2019. Of course these chips are just in the cars to help with their huge traffic problems and would never be used to monitor their citizens. However, with all the cameras, facial recognition and other means of tracking individuals they are using is it really a leap to say the latest regulation is just one more tool for the ever increasing surveillance state of China? Article for those with a subscription to the WSJ.

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This kind of RFID scanning is less precise than GPS tracking, given that it only shows when vehicles pass sensors, but it's still plenty to build a profile of someone's habits based on where they drive.