Tuesday June 12, 2018

Now that E3 is Over...

Actually, E3 just started today, but all the big guns have already been pretty much rolled out in terms of games. We might get a peek at one or two more before the end of the week, but nothing in the realm of the mega-games that we focus on. That said, we want to get a feel for what you thought was the numero uno title you saw over the last few days that excited you the most.

Mine is without a doubt Fallout 76. However, I highly doubt I will ever have the time needed to truly put into this game to be successful at it or make the on-line bonds needed with other players. We will see.

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How about when it comes to what we did NOT see at E3 this year? That was certainly the absence of Borderlands 3. But maybe in 2019?

Hit up the HardForum and tell us your favorite and most missed game of E3.