Tuesday June 12, 2018

AMD Graphics Inside Story

WCCFTech has posted an article that delves deep into the timeline changes made recently by AMD, and expands on @Kyle_Bennett's original From "ATI to AMD back to ATI? A Journey in Futility" article, published in May 2016. While the content of WCCFTech's article is yet to be confirmed, it paints an interesting picture when it comes to the timeline for RTG Graphics, as well as the decision making guiding it.

News Image

Sacrificing some of their gaming blood to make a comeback in the x86 market and a slow but steady stream of income from the mainstream and semi-custom GPU market is the trade-off at play here and while I do not have the actual numbers to back any kind of statement, it does seem like a feasible choice to make. Lisa’s choice might have robbed Radeon fans of their birthright, but it probably saved the company.