Tuesday June 05, 2018

Alphacool Eisbaer Extreme Custom Radiator and Pump

Alphacool is very well known in enthusiast DIY water cooling circles, and has even recently dabbled a bit in AIO coolers, which did excellent in our review. It is taking its new products in an interesting direction that is looking to fill the void between fully sealed AIO coolers, and fully custom built cooling loops. The Eisbaer Extreme is a "radiator" fitted out with an inclusive D5 pump and 200ml reservoir, and of course two fans. Of course Alphacool makes all sorts of water blocks and hoses that you can use from its "Eisbaer-Ready" family, but with the industry standard fittings, you could use this to be a base for your own mix and match cooling loop with the block and tubing of your choosing. Certainly this will let folks get some "custom" into a case that is only accepting of a traditional AIO configuration.

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A quick tour of the Alphacool booth at Computex 2018.

. The combination of the housing with radiator, a powerful pump on D5 base and a generous expansion tank with approx. 200 ml capacity. There is a small window on the side of reservoir the to keep an eye on the level of the expansion tank. The Eisbaer Extreme can also be filled very simply via the special fillport. With these configuration the Eisbaer Extreme is more than well equipped for almost every circuit. This allows complete circuits with hoses or HardTubes to be set up, because thanks to the G1/4" connections, all options are open to the customer.