Tuesday June 05, 2018

28 - Core Intel Demo Questioned on Cooling

We mentioned the 28-core CPU shown off at Intel's Computex keynote this morning, and immediately our eagle eyed HardForum readers picked up on the cooling in the systems shown on stage. Certainly the cooling was not shown on stage however. If you look you will see two huge leads running to the CPU "water blocks." It looks as though Intel was likely using some sort of chiller system on the quick demo, or perhaps even a phase-change system of types. Who knows? Dunno. Legit Reviews picked up on this as well, and have a few pics on their site of another one of these systems shown off at Computex as well, but it remains under question if there was any type of load on it.

News Image

And was anyone else a bit caught off guard by the sheer size of that case, or is it just me?! Is that insulated metal plumbing for phase-change running in the bottom as well?? Or is there just an ice-bath under the desk pumping in extra cold water? Maybe if they used a soldered heatspreader they wouldn't need such massive cooling to keep those 28 cores running at speed. Just sayin'....Formula.350